Video Without Video

Let’s say your nonprofit has an event coming up like a groundbreaking or a luncheon. You want to have a video that you can share with your supporters on social media sites like YouTube, your blog, and Facebook but you either don’t have a video camera or can’t afford for someone to shoot the event. You’re frustrated that there is no way for you to make a video.

Actually, there is. You see you don’t need to have video to create a video. All you need is some sort of image and some sound. The two do not have to be connected. The images could be still pictures, Powerpoint slides, or graphics, which can be created with a video editor like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

For audio you could use music (just make sure you’re familiar with the music use rules in your community) or buy some royalty free music. You could use a digital audio recorder to capture a speech. More and more computers have built in microphones with which you can record your own narration.

For an example of this technique, click here. You’ll hear a short clip from one of my motivational presentations. I had the audio but no video of the event. As I want to share my work with others, I didn’t let this limitation keep me from using social media to help me achieve my goal.  So I added clip art, graphics, and even drawings to give people something to look at.

Still want to make videos but aren’t sure how to do it? Then you may want to take advantage of my video workshops which I mention on my Consulting page.

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