Challenges to Direct Mail

A lot of nonprofits hold fall fundraisers and in recent weeks they’ve sent out postcards previewing these important events. I’m worried about these groups as they are mailing at a very busy time.

Politicians have been bombarding my mailbox with lots of postcards. It’s gotten to the point that when I see a postcard, I immediately throw it in the trash. It’s almost a Pavlovian response.

Before you send out any kind of mailing, make sure to consider what you’ll be competing with in your supporter’s mailbox.

Some would say that the best thing you can do is to make your mailing flashy so it will stand out from the pack. That sounds like a great plan if you are a printer but I’m not sure if paying more for a piece of mail will help your organization that much.

Mail isn’t what it used to be and you shouldn’t rely solely on it for your communications. Why not take advantage of social media as a tool to connect with your donors? YouTube, Facebook, and blogs give you the opportunity to show more and say more than you can on a postcard.

Consider this: People check their Facebook accounts several time a day. How many times do they check their mail?

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