Did You Notice This…

During the Superbowl, I noticed a couple of interesting things when it came to advertisements. As you know, companies pay big bucks to have an ad on during the game. They want to make sure they get as much bang for the buck.

The first thing that I realized is that many companies don’t wait until the big game before releasing the spots. Several days earlier, Volkswagen released this spot through YouTube:

The idea was to get people talking about the commercial ahead of time. In a sea of commercials during the Superbowl, it’s more likely that people will shush their friends and have them watch the spot.

It’s not rare to see a commercial that does not have a web address, Facebook, or Twitter address appear at the end. The goal is to engage the audience as well as measure their reaction to the ad. This kind of thing can make a message, stick, instead of being entertaining and then forgotten.

If the big companies are using the same basic social media tools to maximize their million dollar advertisement accounts, then why aren’t you taking advantage of them as well?

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