Ken Okel, Florida Convention Speaker, clear the pathAfter spending more than 10 years on-air in TV News, running a professional ballet company, and organizing more than 100 hurricane relief volunteers, Ken Okel learned one thing: The path to success is an obstacle course and not a straight line.

Ken works with people who want to change the way they approach obstacles. How many leaders find themselves having to waste valuable time with things like babysitting their team or spending too much time putting out little fires on the job.  Hear Ken in his weekly Podcast.

Ken Okel helps successful nonprofits clear the path of all the distractions that come with implementing a social media strategy.  He understands your world, having served as a volunteer, fundraiser, executive director, and board president. Ken also spent more than a decade in TV News and currently works as a professional speaker. Click here to view his speaking website.

Ken will work with your team to create a social media plan that fits your needs. For more, call (561) 737-4321 or email tvguy@kenokel.com


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