Let’s connect at or 561-737-4321.

Ken Okel, Nonprofit consultant, Clients, need help with social media

Client include

Some of my clients chose among these these options:

Option A: I offer virtual training for those who are on a limited budget. I communicate to you through video conferencing.

Option B: You bring me in for one-on-one or group training. We will create your social media plan.  I’ll also demonstrate video techniques and even shoot some clips for your website.

Ken Okel, virtual consulting, social media, convention speaker, Florida, nonprofit fundraising

Option C: A combo of A & B, plus the production of a 3 to 5 minute video about your organization.

Blog Support

  • Create a blog that your supporters will read.
  • Help you effectively telling your story.
  • Repurpose your blog with other social media tools.

ken okel, convention speaker, professional speaker, change, stress mangement, workplace productivity

Video Support

Need some help making videos? I bring more than a decade worth of TV experience.  For a sample of my work, click here. Video collaboration can be easily done through the Internet, which allows us both to sit in our respective offices.

Do you want to know the communication mistakes that are costing you money?  Go to Go to:


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